Vinyasa Flow: The term 'vinyasa' mean "to place with intention." In a vinyasa style class, we aim to mindfully move our bodies at the pace of the breath. Expect a strong emphasis on developing a steady breath and to move continuously, with brief holds in postures. These classes cultivate balance, flexibility, strength, and endurance. Familiarity with basic yoga postures is highly recommended, but no experience with vinyasa yoga is necessary. All levels

Rise & Shine Vinyasa Flow: A great way to start your day. Lots of movement, lots of breath. Connect to your body and prepare yourself for a wonderful and successful day! All levels

Candlelight Restorative: This class shares a balance of flow of postures and breath followed by a deeply relaxing sequence of poses that support the body to restore optimum mind/body balance. With candlelight, you are encouraged to let other senses guide you. Revitalizing and restorative. All levels

75 Vinyasa Jam: Warmer, stronger, a more powerful Vinysa class. You will be taught a flow, building the sequence each time you move through it and then will flow on your own. Jamming beats, lots of heat. Get out of your head and into your heart in these movement based classes. Intermediate to advanced

Lunchtime Vinyasa Flow: A great midday break. Lots of flow, lots of breath. All levels

Yin: In Yin Yoga you can expect to feel a lot but not move a lot. Postures are passively held for 4-6 mins (on the ground, with support if desired). Yin Yoga is about stretching past muscle, working the connective tissue. This is a quiet, meditative practice in which you may only move through a few postures within the hour. Yin is open to everyone and is a great addition to your practice, improving flexibility, mobility and will help to prevent injury.  GREAT class for runners, skiers & rock climbers. All Levels

Power Vinyasa Flow: Warmer, stronger, a more powerful Vinysas class. Focusing on core and overall body strength and control. Intermediate to advanced