Kind words from students …

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“Jenna is the most caring and thoughtful teacher with fun, challenging and energizing classes. I always leave feeling refreshed! She is the absolute best. I would highly recommend anyone, at any level, to come to Jenna's classes.” - Mariah White

“I remember vividly the first class I ever took from Jenna. I wanted to get back into Yoga and started taking random classes at a studio in town. The first couple of classes I attended I was joined by 5 or 6 other people. Then one day I went to a class taught by a woman named, Jenna. When I walked into the studio it was packed brimful with energy and people. I could feel the vibrancy. When everyone got settled Jenna expressed sincere gratitude to the participants and led us in a beautiful flow. I left the studio feeling more confident, alive, and at peace. I knew in that moment that I had found my teacher. Since then I have never attended a class taught by Jenna that I didn't leave feeling the same way as I did that first day. Jenna is one of the most warm hearted kind individuals that I have ever crossed paths with. Through her ability to connect with herself and others, Jenna guides her students through challenging, authentic, fluid flows that leave the heart pumping and the mind at ease. Her attention to your body, and minor adjustments throughout the class are incredibly helpful. As well as her attention to breath and intention. If you walk into Jenna's studio expect to be greeted with love and warmth. Jenna always takes the time to introduce and talk with each person that walks in the door, she's just that gracious. Jenna continues to inspire my practice and I highly recommend you expose yourself to her yoga experience.” - Kayla Bradley

"As someone who rows a drift boat around 150 days a year I am familiar with the issues that repetitive motion causes the body. 8 hours a day, sometimes weeks at a time, I am confined to my rowers seat. I regularly stretch, workout, try to eat well and stay hydrated but still struggled with a number of issues in my back, shoulders and hips. Since joining Pure Healing Yoga and working with Jenna Leigh I have seen significant improvement in comfort, mobility, flexibility and strength. Many of the issues I mentioned above have improved or gone away. I just feel better... This is the answer I've been looking for! I highly recommend Jenna Leigh and Pure Healing Yoga studio!!" - Zach Neville - local Guide and Outfitter